What are the Alternatives to Hotel Accommodation?


If you are in the process of booking your next holiday and you’re thinking about alternatives to hotel accommodation, you will be pleased to note that there are a host of options, which can reduce the need to stay in a hotel, give you more room to move and enable your entire family to stay in one place.
One of the disadvantages to staying in a hotel, especially when traveling as a family or group, is that you all end up in different rooms. This is common when hotels do not have large enough family rooms. The other thing that may happen is they place some extra beds in the room and put you all in one confined space, which can also be a negative when trying to have an enjoyable holiday experience.

One of the leading options when looking for an alternative to hotel accommodation is short term rentals. You can rent an apartment for a set period of time. These rentals are usually for a few days to a few weeks and provide you with your very own home away from home. Many of these apartments come with all the conveniences you would find at a hotel from information on the area, tour information, sightseeing experiences and some will even provide you with airport transfers. In addition to this, the majority of these apartments come with housekeeping services, so you can sit back and relax during your holiday.

The benefit to holiday apartments over hotels is that they are more affordable. Because you are renting them as self-catering, you do not have an expensive per night rate to pay. You pay one weekly rate, which is often flexible dependent on how long you book for.

Another common choice, which is ideal if you are traveling alone or as a group of friends is a homestays. Homestays gives you the ability to live with a family for a few days. This enables you to explore the local area and live like a local for a while, while you eat and live with the family in their home. Of course while this may appear fun and exciting, you are restricted by the family’s rules and regulations, which can leave you frustrated and wanting to return home sooner rather than later.

House swapping has grown in popularity through the world as an opportunity to visit a new destination without the expensive price tag. While this provides you and your family with a host of benefits, there are a few disadvantages to consider. With house swapping, you move to another family’s home for a period of time, while they move into your home. While you may end up in a beautiful home in a country you have never visited before, you need to have peace of mind that there is a family that has moved into your home, is using your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

There is always bed and breakfasts and guest houses. There appears to be a stigma attached to these, but there are nice ones available. These are similar to hotels in that you will only be provided with a room with the basic necessities, there are instances where you may have to share a bathroom with another room, which is not always ideal. Further you will probably pay the same that you would pay in a hotel. The difference is that because these are smaller establishments, you are likely to receive a more personalized service.


Roaming Fingers – A Story of A Childhood Sexual Molestation


We have all had our "stories" to tell about our lives growing up. Some have had fun loving children in which they had a stay-at-home mom, who had home baked cookies ready for them as soon as they walked in from school, clean clothes ready for the next day, and dinner simmering on the stove. Dads arrived home, everyone sat at the table and enjoyed the delicious meal that mom had prepared, and then while dinner dishes were being cleaned up, the kids could tell their dad about their day. Some had parents that encouraged them, helped them with their homework after supper, and enjoyed spending time with their kids before the next day started.
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You know, one of those "Leave It To Beaver" type of families. Then there were those who were minus one parents for one reason or another … usually divorce or death. Or what about those that lived with alcoholic or drug addicted parents who were not really "parents" at all. Their kids were basically were on their own, raising themselves, fending for themselves, and making the most of bad situations.

I do not know why I am sharing this right now.
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I just feel led to let someone out there know that you are not alone! That you can live a normal life. I have been molested by 4 different men between the ages of 8 – 14. But, the LORD GOD Himself, brought me through this all. I have been redeemed and washed clean by the blood of the Lord. I no longer have to live in life of my molestation taking charge over me any longer.

I was one of those kids who had my own "unique" circumstances when growing up.
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My parents divorced when I was 7, because my dad moved out when I was 5.. I was the oldest of the three of us. We moved to a small town to live closer to my grandparents, my mom's parents. We moved from the larger metropolis of Denver, CO, to the small town of Julesburg, CO. At first, when I was younger, I'd made my lifelong friend with the girl who lived across the street from my grandparent's house. This was the summer before our 2nd grade school year.
During the time, our lives seemed somewhat "normal" playing babies, or pretending to be teachers at school, or building ant farms …

But during my lifetime, many things happened that made me who I am today. I can not begin to tell you what my life was like and do it justice! There are so many more stories I could tell you! For one, we moved and lived in 27 different places from the time I turned 7 – 18. I went to 11 schools in 12 years time.
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I think that that with us moving so often, I took with me idea that "I better make friends quickly, because sure enough we're moving and I've got to leave." I believe my sister took the theory that "why bother making friends because we were going to move anyway." And my brother, well, being a boy, keeping a friend was not that big of a deal, and he made friends quite easy, but it was not as big an issue for him as it was us girls.

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When I was 8, my mom began dating a Japanese farmer in our area, quickly becoming engaged, with the last name of Kinoshita. As you can imagine, the 3 of us kids made quite fun of that name at the time by intentionally pronouncing it, Kin-O-Shit-A. Mean, were not we? Well this is the first time that I consider myself being sexually molested. After suppers, my mom would go to the kitchen to wash dishes at his house, and the 3 of us kids and her boyfriend would lie on the floor to watch some TV.
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Well her fiance 'would use this time to "rub my tummy." Now I was 8, so needing my tubby rubbed after dinner seemed really weird to me, but I thought, okay, I suppose if this is normal? It made me uncomfortable, but my mom said he was only trying to be nice. Okay, so nice it was … I guess ?? But then those tummy rubs, turned into "roaming fingers," and climbed a little higher and a little higher. Soon my tummy rubs become chest rubs.
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Now mind you, I had barely started developing, but still had just enough that this made me incredibly uncomfortable! My mom had said that she really wanted this marriage because he was financially well off, and so each night that this went on, I tried to keep myself busy with homework so we did not have to lie on the floor and watch TV, but one way or another, he coaxed me in to it, and my mom had told us several times that she did not want this relationship messed up by us kids. So, I kept my mouth shut, until one day, on the way home from school, I let it all out to my friend.
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She went home and talked to her mom. I did not know what they were talking about, because her parents only spoke Spanish, so I did not think much of it. However, her mom, having heard what was going on, assured me that they were there for me, and that this was something that I had to talk to my mom about right away. So with my friend and her mom both sitting there, I called my mom and told her what had been happening. I do not know much how was actually said between my mom and her new fiance ', but I do know that she broke up with him.

However, my friend's mom suggested that he be turned in to the police, but my mom said that it was pointless to call the police because "he was so rich that he could own the town, so no one would believe you anyway. be his word against yours, "she said. So, life went on as "normal." Okay, normal as normal could be.

Then my mom found a younger guy who could come over in the mornings and stay with us, when she went to work at 6:00 AM at the truck stop, and he got off at 6:00 AM from working the night shift there , and would come stay with the three of us kids for the day, as our "babysitter." Oh he was fun, would make us breakfast, take us to the school or the park to play on the playground, and chase us around the house playing tickle monster. However, when he first got to the house each morning, instead of climbing in to my mom's empty bed to sleep for a while, he would climb in to my bed with me. Why? Well there were those "roaming fingers" again. Except this time, these fingers roamed up, and then down. I was 9, and he was 21. What did I have at that age that was so enticing anyway ?! I had not even started physically developing yet for goodness sake !!! At any rate, this went on for weeks. I told my mom, but she she thought that since I had been through this with her ex-fiance ', then "it must me something I was doing to encourage these guys." So, though he stopped watching us, I remember wishing him dead. I did. I could not help myself. I just wanted him dead so he could never do something like this again! A couple of months later, while he was working at the electric company, and his partner decided to start drinking some beer on their lunch break. Well Curtis had climbed the pole to work on a specific wire that was causing them trouble, and was electrocuted. He fell from the pole, and his partner, having been drinking, was not functional enough to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I knew it was all my doing! I had prayed and asked for him to die, and he had. You see, it was all my fault … I had wished it, and prayed for that. I just knew it was my fault. I held on to that guilty for many, many years after that. Someone was dead and it was all my fault.

Then, we had a family friend, who we'd been friends with he and his wife for years. In fact, most times, we loved going over to their house. She was like an adopted mom to us kids, and we could convince her husband to come play games with us, read us stories, etc. You should have heard him read one of the Dr. Seuss books backwards! It was a riot! And it was a tongue twister reading it from front to back, let alone reading it back to front! And we used to love tricking him in to asking for Big Macs at Burger King! So, needless to say, we would go over to their house quite often. Usually though, I got the big bed with his wife because we always went to bed much earlier than he did, and he slept on the couch when we stayed, or in the spare bedroom. His wife would usually send me in to wake him when it was time for us all to get up each morning. That's when those infamous "roaming fingers" would start roaming again. I was between the ages of 10 – 12 during most of this time. But, without telling my mom, (remember how she had decreed the last time that I must be the one to enticing these "men,") that sure enough, it must be something about me, and once again, I was at fault.

Well over time, we've moved again like we had done numerous other times before, and so we did not see them as often as we had before. It was in the beginning of our 8th grade year, so I was in one school there in Jr. High, and suddenly we left CO and headed to good ole 'IA. My mom had broken up with a trucker guy she was dating, a real nutty guy who used to set up candles in a circle in our basement, and call on the spirits from the Mojave Dessert. So, we packed up as soon as we got home from school that day, took only our very important possessions (and I do mean very few), and our cats, and loaded up a small little U-haul trailer, and off we headed out with no where specific in mind. My mom suggested IA, so off we headed West. We ended up in Council Bluffs and out of money. So, this is where we decided to stay.

Of course, we've switched schools again, for the umpteenth time, and we started yet another school in Council Bluffs, while we lived in a one room cabin with 2 double beds, one bathroom, a crock pot to cook in and three cats . We started one school, but were the "poor kids" and did not fit in well. But, once again, we moved. This time it was a good thing. I was starting in the 9th grade, but at a completely different school. This school was much better, much more acceptable, much less judicial, and critical, and we were not rated as "low class scum" here.

I was finally 14 at this time. My last year before I got to start high school. I was so excited! I was finally growing up, started wearing makeup, fixing my hair, and thinking about the big "B" word … BOYS !!! We were living in a house fairly near the school, so it was in walking distance. My mom was once again working at one of the truck stops nearby. But money was tight, so my mom bought a truck driver home to live with us to help pay the bills. Well this guy was 28. My mom worked the all night shift at the truck stop, and Terry would be home most nights, and on runs during the days for the most part. Well Terry took quite a liking to me immediately. Now mind you, I had just turned 14. My sister and I shared a bedroom, my brother had one to the left of us, and across the hall was Sue's room (a girl / lady in her early 20s from Indiana), someone that Terry had found hitch hiking one day on his trip out-of-town, and brought to our house to stay with us too. So, that was one more person to help pay the bills. But, to get the bathroom, we had to walk through a little hallway, and we had to go through Sue's room to get there. Then to the left was the bathroom, and then to the right was Terry's bedroom. My mom's room was on the main floor. In between the bathroom and Terry's bedroom was a second door. The door locked from Terry's side of the room, but not from his room into the bathroom. Well at night, once Terry thought all of us kids were sleeping in bed, he would come into my room, and once again, night after night, those infamous "roaming fingers" of yet another guy, would start their traveling. He would come in, with a condom on, already ready for whatever I guess he had hopes for. He would ask me to put on something "sexy." I did not have anything "sexy" because I was 14-years-old, and "sexy" was not something I was thinking about at that point in my life. Heck, just getting my makeup to look good in the morning, and curling my hair before school was as "sexy" as it got. His fingers roamed places that I did not know existed. I used to pray, "Please Lord, let him think that I'm really sleep and go away tonight." Or I'd pray, "Please Lord, let my sister wake up so that she'll make enough noise or something that he'd go away and leave me alone." He never got to the stage where we actually forced full fledged sex on me, but night after night, we went through this ritual. Night after night he would go back to his room, and I would disgustingly cry myself to sleep. Night after night I wished my sister would please just WAKE UP, just this once. But, she never seemed to, or so I thought, until many years later when I found that that she said afraid to let us know that she was awake. I can not blame her for that. I wished I could pretend so he'd leave me alone too, but, that was not the case.

Well one day Sue had asked me to go for a walk with her to talk. So, I did. She started telling me that Terry would come in to her room almost every night and do these "things" to her, ask her to "put on something" sexy, "and his" roaming fingers "would start roaming with her too. it all came out … I spilled what he had been doing to me as well. entice guys like this. "My fault again. Well Sue, knowing how young I was, ended up telling my mom after all. soooooo much that he could not resist wanting to make love to me. "" Well my mom told him to pack up and get out of our house. "We went to my mom's friend's house for a few days while he moved out and because they were one vacation and needed someone to house sit and care for their pets. So, we stayed there 3 nights and 4 days. to go back to "normal" again. Sue and I felt such great peace having him gone. Then one day, about a week later, my mom said that she had to go to the truck stop because Terry wanted to talk to her about something. So, she left and was gone for several hours. When she came back, she said that Terry had convinced her that he really did do what he had done "because he loved me," and she said that it was a small price to pay since he offered to help pay even more of the bills we had. So, she let him move back in to our house with us. For the first week or two, he was very polite, folded out the chairs for me when we would sit down at the table, and insisted on driving me to school so that he could kiss me good-bye each day to "let people know that I was his. " At this point, I tried to convince myself that okay, maybe he did really love me, and that I should be proud and flattered that someone the age of 28 would like me, a 14-year-old teenage girl.

Well a few more weeks went by and things had gone back to the way they were. My mom would go to work all night, and Terry would once again come back in to my room at nights, with condom in hand, and his steering fingers would once again, starting roaming up and down, up and down. The words he spoke made me sick. And every night, it was the same, I would sickeningly cry myself to sleep because I could no longer deal with this at my age, and I was supposedly to having fun in school, looking forward to my high school years, dances, proms , sports events, etc. But instead, I would not see a future at all. One day, I had enough, and could no longer take it! I know my mom wanted and needed the money, but I could not pretend that I was okay anymore. I was not. I wanted to die. Yes, truly die! If it had not been for the Lord putting in my path a certain girl at school, who I soon became best friends with, and my Science Teacher, which I will never forget and always be grateful for, I might have ended it there. But, God obviously had other plans for me. Just when I thought that He had left me all alone, He provided me with a friend, and a man who not only was my teacher, but one who really cared about me, who knew that I was going through something terrible at home, who wave me compassion, extra time when I just could not concentrate on my assignments, and someone who could make me laugh. I needed that. It brought back hope to me that ALL men did not just want me for sex. That older men were not all perverts, and that God had put him in my life, as my teacher, just in the nick of time.

Today, by God's grace, forgiveness, and compassion, I have been forgiven my blood of the lamb, the Lord Jesus Himself. The person who died on that cross many, many years ago so that I may have life everlasting. The one who dropped me out of the darkness and back in to the light. The one who took away all my hurts and distrusts in men. I thank God that though I had to suffer through those awful times, that I came to learn that it was not my fault that the one guy had been electrocuted and died. That NONE of the things that these four men did to me as a child, were my fault.

To this day, my mother still says, "IF those thing really happened to Kelly, then I guess I should have protected her more." IF those things happened? IF?!?! There is no question that they happened me! My sister once told her that she knows it to be fact because most times she was in the same bed with me, as we almost always shared a bedroom while growing up. I no longer expect that my mother will ever take any responsibility for what I went through. I know that now. I know that I have to forgive her so that Christ can forgive me for my sins. But it is truly, and only by the Grace of God Himself, that I am still here today. It is my prayer that maybe, just maybe, this testimony will help someone else who has been through something similar, or worse, that there is hope in Jesus Christ. You are not alone. It is NOT your fault. Give it to HIM, as His shoulders are strong enough to take it from you and let you now walk freely in His love.

* Names of people have been changed to protect those others who were involved.


Miami Cheap Flights and Hotel Bundles


If you are planning a flight to Miami, you can score a cheap Miami flight by purchasing a Miami vacation package. More and more travelers are learning to save by taking care of the costs of their airfare, hotel accommodations and more when purchasing a flight and hotel bundle from any of the number of reputable travel companies that offer these types of deals.
You can find your choice of flights and type of flight, whether you prefer to ride in economy or first class, along with five star lodgings once you hit the ground in Miami. What’s more, many of these package deals also include a rental car for your time in Miami, provided by the best rental car companies on the market – and many will include tickets to your favorite Miami attractions and meal vouchers to dine at your hotel or other Miami eateries. Let’s look at some of the best Miami hotels that you might want to consider when booking a flight and hotel bundle.
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The Angler’s Boutique Resort is growing in popularity and is consistently named as a top hotel in Miami. Although there’s not the quantity of rooms at this popular resort as you will see with some of the more famous ones in the area (there’s just 49), you will find that no amenity is spared at the Angler’s Boutique Resort, and the service is second-to-none. Big, warm rooms or three story villas with spiral staircases and showers on the roof – the choice is yours. An onsite restaurant offers tastes of the Mediterranean (aptly named, 660 Mediterranean Kitchen) for guests who also have the option of eating their dinner poolside in a cabana.
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Another little known luxury hotel in Miami that you might consider for a flight and hotel bundle package is the Betsy South Beach, which is formerly known as the Betsy Ross. Located on Ocean Drive in Miami, the Betsy is a colonial styled hotel with a tropical feel that is home to a by-invitation-only lounge.
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Sixty-three elegantly appointed rooms keep the Betsy intimate in both size and vibe. Sleep in luxury in a huge four poster bed or watch the game on a huge LCD television or grab an unobstructed view of the mighty Atlantic from your hotel window. The Betsy also boasts a rooftop solarium, spa and pool, and the beach at the Betsy is attended by beach butlers who are ready to serve you breakfast in the sand.
The legendary Eden Rock Resort is a Miami staple, and has just undergone a multimillion dollar renovation that included the addition of two new restaurants, a twenty-one story tower that houses two hundred and eighty two rooms, and fourteen two level bungalow suites that are maxed out with amenities. Look for the new spa and fitness center at the Eden Rock to become a favorite among guests. The Eden Rock Resort is a bit pricier than many accommodations in Miami, but if you can swing it – the cost is well worth it for the top notch service and impeccable beauty that will surround you during your stay.
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Fontainebleau is another Miami hotel that has received a costly high-dollar facelift in the past couple of years – which is why it is becoming the hub in Miami when it comes to hosting conventions. But the average traveler will also appreciate the Fontainebleau with its lavish décor, abundant chandeliers and checkerboard marble floors. The Fontainebleau is most known in Miami as the hang out for eighties Rat Packers, and is also home to a massive nightclub and a poolside sushi lounge. Book early if you want to stay at the Fontainebleau – most of its 1,504 rooms and suites are at capacity much of the time.
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These are just a few of the choices that you might run across when booking a cheap Miami flight and hotel bundled deal; there are many more. In fact, Miami has hotels for every budget – from airport hotels and discount hotels to $1,000 a night establishments that cater to your every whim.


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How To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets


Are you looking for ways to buy cheap airline tickets?. You will be pleased to know that when you have the right information along with some planning and research on your part, it is possible to get cheap airline travel.

In order to buy cheap airline tickets, you need to be aware of the fluctuation in airline prices which takes place on a daily basis. Keep yourself informed by visiting the websites of the different airlines.

You need to enquire with the company you plan to travel with whether they can offer you a package deal.
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Ask them if they are prepared to give you a discount on the price of the plane ticket if you also book the hotel through them as well.

When the airline quotes you the price, you should check to see whether you are getting a good deal on your air travel. You can use the internet do this by visiting comparison websites to compare the prices of other companies.

Standby fares are another way to secure cheap airline tickets.
Contact the airlines to find out whether they have any standby fares available the flights you are interested in. Often the standby seat will become available as a result of someone cancelling their travel plans. The airlines will usually give you a huge discounts on these seats.

In your journey involves connecting flights then you should book all your travel plans through one airline company.
This will may enable you to accumulate airline miles, you may also be entitled to loyalty discounts and some airlines even give customers vouchers which they can use towards their next flight with that airline.


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Booking Cheap Flights For Holidays


Holidays are the busiest seasons for flight companies and travel agencies because many people are trying to secure flights to their favorite destinations before the planes get full. It is also the time that there are requests for last minute bookings that may result in a lot of delays and last minute bookings as well which are always more expensive because of the time in which they are booked.
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In case you are planning to travel for holidays within the year and you want to travel without any hassle at the time of your holiday travel you need to plan early. Planning early allows you to be able to buy tickets that are affordable for you and your family that will leave you some money to enjoy at the holiday destination.
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When you buy air tickets early you have plenty of airlines and packages to compare from so that you are able to choose the one that fits your budget and gives you enough time to plan around the holiday trip.

Traveling as a group to a holiday destinations allows you to enjoy group fares to your destination only if you make your bookings early.
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It is harder to get group fares near the day of departure because many passengers are looking to pay any amount of fare to be able to reach their destination within the holiday period. You can make plans with friends and family to travel together to the same destination or near the same place so that you can enjoy these discounts as well.

Late night or early morning flights are usually cheaper flights because of the inconvenience that the passengers have to go through to be able to make it for the flight. If you are looking to book even cheaper flights then these late or early flights are the best to book as early as possible.

Booking cheap flights packages is also another option if you are looking to enjoy discounts on cheap flights.

These packages typically include hotel accommodation; flight fare as well as car hire and because of these services combined which usually reduce the overall flight fare. This is a great advantage to people traveling for holiday because this type of package encompasses the services that most people would need when on holiday.

Lastly, booking cheap flights is possible for holidays especially if they are booked in advance before the holiday season.


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Vacation Themes Over Destinations – Start With Colorado


As the price of gas, hotels and eating out has increased, many people have been rethinking their vacations as staycations. Now instead of spending time at one spot for a week, it can be equally fun to complete a list or loop of destinations that are close enough to drive to, but may not require a week's worth of your hard-earned vacation time. Colorado is a perfect place to go to fulfill some of these theme-oriented destinations.

When it comes to the Mile High state, most people think mountains. In the lower forty-eight states, Colorado ranks number one in peaks with an elevation above 14,000 feet. If you are an avid outdoor type, then consider a vacation that includes climbing all the Fourteeners. With over fifty of them in the state that should keep you pretty busy for a while, unless you get the whole summer to play.

If you are looking for a less ambitious pursuit of fun, hiking may be just up your alley. And because of the mountains, one theme may be to hike to all the waterfalls in Colorado. Hikes can range from a quarter mile from the near road to an overnight camping trip. You can gauge your trips based on the size and dynamics of your group.

One thing that is great about Colorado is its accessibility to nature and its beauty. The state has made it easy for you to plan your vacation via its twenty-five scenic byways, about half of which are also designed as America's Byways, more than any other state. So load up the family and take a drive. Some routes are located along highways, while others require four-wheel drive, high-clearance vehicles. So, it might just take you several years to complete the task. Who said vacations and bucket lists were supposed to be easy?

While cruising these scenic drives, you could try to complete another theme idea by visiting all the state parks along the way. Camping is cheaper than hotels, and you'll find many of the state parks are located to help you appreciate all that Colorado has to offer. Also, along the byway, you might want to visit all the ghost towns in Colorado. There are quite a few and, contrary to some people's definition, some still have a few residents.

Nature lovers can often be subdivided into wildlife lovers, wildflower lovers or bone and stone lovers. For the latter, fossils, petrified wood, dinosaur bones, ancient civilizations, caves and quarries are scattered through Colorado. You can name your bucket list Places of Geologic Interest. There are many, but it may require a little digging. (Pun intended.)

For those of you, who may like to spend a week on a beach, there are relaxing past times to have had in this health-oriented state. One of the most popular is visiting all the brewpubs and partaking of some homegrown and flavorful brews. The true enthusiast will arrange it so that they are in Denver in time for the annual Great American Beer Festival (usually October). If the tickets sell out, as they do almost immediately, that just gives you an excuse to go visit all the breweries first hand.

So next time you are thinking of a destination, but want to do something a little different, think Colorado. Whether you are a dynamo and have to climb a mountain because it is there or whether you'd like to sit back and taste what is on tap, this is one state that can keep you climbing and imbibing for years to come.


What's Drupal – CMS


There are several reliable web hosting service providers available, but it's important to know your goals first so you can identify the best one for your case. Drupal is a well-known host that allows users to create websites with a wide array of features like business applications and blogs. There are add-on modules and structures too, that help programmers make almost any type of website that will drive the right customers for a solid reputation and consistent service. The good thing about web hosting service is that it's free, versatile and has catered to thousands all over the world consistently.

About Drupal

Drupal web hosting is an open-source management platform that caters to millions of applications and websites all over the globe. It is operated and used by a big community. It is both a CMS and content management system, as well as a CMF or content management framework, written in PHP. Drupal core is the version name of the distributed platform, providing features for programmers to create reliable websites and systems. Some of the features included are account registration, account maintenance, page layout customization, menu management and RSS feeds. Installing the framework can have programmers created blogs, forums and directories or brochures.

Drupal has over 11,000 free add-ons, called contrib. Modules. These allow programmers to enjoy all the features and power of web hosting service to make their ideas come to life. The modular structure and versatile system makes it reminiscent to a web application framework or content management framework, meeting the same feature requirements of these systems. The features and interface may be advanced for programmers, but there are tools that allow them to include the add-ons and options quickly without even the need for starter skills for website administration and setup.


People can automatically install the web hosting service by looking for compatible applications like Fantastico. First, find the "Content Management" option then click on Drupal. Next, select "New Installation". Select the installation directory, if you do not intend to make web hosting service accessible at your chosen domain name, you can keep the directory field empty. If you wish to be accessed at your preferred domain name, enter web hosting service as the installation directory, then move on to the onscreen guidelines.

Manual installation will require you to first download the installation file. Go to Drupal.org and select the newest version. Click the link to begin the download. Next, upload the file in a public.html folder, using an FTP client. Once the installation is done, you will find confirmation and a script where you will need to input your preferred domain name. You can leave this empty too. Go to the file manager and look for the file. Extract and move the files in the chosen directory. You can also extract into your computer then upload via FTP to your selected folder. You can also make a MySQL database. Add a user as needed. Finally, select the default language for the website. You will also be led to different options on the features you wish to add to your website.


Relaxation to the Max – 2015's Top Ten Spa Resorts


Each year, people seek more and more exotic locations and ways to relax. This article will cover the Top Ten Spa Resorts around the world that will immerse you in a world of comfort and luxury, and leisure.

Greece & Cyprus

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

At the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa lies the beautiful country of Crete. At the Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas, located in northeast Create on a picturesque hill overlooking the private bay and inviting beach, guests are grateful like Athenian gods and goddesses with deluxe spa treatments that purify, revitalize, and awaken the mind, body, and spirit. With private balconies, private seawater pools, guests can relax to the max and forget the troubles of the world.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

One of the best ways to experience the Greek Riviera is to stay and repose at the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa in Porto Heli. Upon arrival you will be engulfed in beauty and wonder as you gaze from a suite with panoramic views of the Aegean and the sparkling sea. Travelers looking to relax and revive themselves can be whisked away to Nikki Spa where you can be pampered with a fabulous combination of traditional and modern therapeutic techniques coupled with the world's finest spa ingredients. Spa treatments can be personalized to fit your needs and desires by a team of highly trained therapists eager to please.

Spain & Canary Islands

Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

Escape into the lush mountains of the Sierra Cortina Mountains and melt away all tension and stress at the Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. This exotic resort boasts over 150,000 plants and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Bath in the soothing Turkish pools, spoil yourself with a Thai massage, or just renew your spirit in the gardens akin to those of Asia. Relaxation is just a few steps away with suites that have jacuzzi ladened terraces or take a dive in the heated indoor pool. Holidays have never been so relaxing.

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa

Awe-inspiring views are just the beginning of a holiday that will leave you feeling rested and tranquil. The Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa is located along the pristine coast of Mallorca. Luxury is elevated to a new level when you enter this world where your wishes are the staff's pleasure. Get super star spa treatments in one of their ten private treatment rooms, or sweat out the toxins of life in a steam room or sauna.

Indian Ocean

The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa Mauritius

This is one island where being stranded would actually be inviting. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful and peaceful Turtle Bay, guests spend days lazily along the turquoise and emerald lined beaches while dining on the finest Mauritanian cuisine on the planet. The spa is simply Divine with its sauna, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and top-of-the-line spa services that will have your body begging for more!

Maia Luxury Resort & Spa

This lush tropical paradise is perfect for the guests that craves privacy and tranquility. Located on a very private peninsula off the coast of Mahé, the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa graciously provides villas with private pools, personal butler service, indescribable ocean views and gazebos. This spa resort has an award-winning Balinese style spa that places targeted emphasis on relaxation. Stay here and rest insure, you will return home anew.


Castello Del Nero Hotel & Spa

As a guests at the Castello Del Nero Hotel & Spa, you will be treated as royalty. Located in a converted castle of the 12th century resting upon 740 gorgeous acres consisting of vineyards, olive groves, and rolling hills, this spa will have you feeling like the prince or princess you truly are! Guests can unwind in the area's very first (and exclusive) destination spa. This spa utilizes the latest in holistic healing and treatments with facials, massages, and other decadent spa treatments which are a great way to start a day that can be filled with horseback riding through the countryside, hot air ballooning, or winetasting.

Arabian Gulf

Emirates Palace

Are you ready to be treated as the king or queen that you are? Emirates Palace is one of the most world renovated hotel and spa resorts in the world. Famous for its manicured gardens and outstanding stretch of beach along the Arabian Gulf, the Emirates Palace is the creme de la creme of resorts. Be waited on hand and foot by your personal butler as you sit back was relax in the spa. This hotel is frequented by some of the most wealthy and famous people on the planet and is rated as THE best place to stay for opulence and posh service and settings.

One & Only Royal Mirage – Residence & Spa

If you are searching for massive waves of calm, then the One & Only Royal Mirage is the place to be. Pools shaded by luscious palm trees, cooling fountains, and mystical gardens is the foundation of an experience of a lifetime. Guests can let go and let the well trained hands of the staff at the Health & Beauty Institute massage, knead, relax, and coddle you in one of the 12 private treatment rooms.

Far East

The Pavilions Phuket

This five-star resort hideaway is located on the very private section of Layan Beach along the dazzling coast of the Andaman Sea. The Pavilions Phuket has 49 private pool villas with beautiful panoramic ocean and hillside views. Guests can received specialized spa treatments directed in Thai tradition or you may feel more at home with one of their Westernized spa rituals. A stay here is guaranteed to leave you feeling revived, renewed, and refreshed!


Pensionat Oden – Stockholm, Sweden


Pensionat Oden Hotels, in central Stockholm is a fine example of economy and luxury rolled into one. The hotel was constructed in 1943 right in the heart of Sweden's beautiful city of Stockholm.

Unlike other five-star and huge hotels, Pensionat Oden Hotel just cater to a small number of guests. It has about twenty-five comfortable and elegant rooms which are equipped with cozy kitchen, cable television, internet access, and refrigerator. It is like a home away from home. In fact, it will just feel like staying in your friends or relative's house as the atmosphere is really homey. You will relish the simple pleasures of life. You will feel the ambience of a superb hotel in one of the peaceful neighborhoods in Stockholm.

Pensionat Oden Södermalm is one of the chains of Pensionat Oden Hotels. You will find it right in Hornsgatan, Söder right in a friendly neighborhood. It is accessible to the Vitabergen and Humle Garden, a few hours' drive to the Stockholm City Hall and the Royal Palace, as well as to the Kronobergsparken, Skansen Zoo. For those who wants to take a view of some fine architecture, there are the Vasa Museum and Stockholm Cathedral where you could have your eyes on.

You will certainly feel amazed of the classic elegance in such a nice vacation and relaxation haven. The staffs are very friendly, and are always there to provide you with their services whenever you need them, 24/7. You will not feel like you are in a city. It would feel like staying in a beautiful country house but in the heart of the city.

The guests in Pensionat Oden Södermalm could always relish the palatable dishes served every meal. The food is absolutely delicious with all its ingredients blended well to provide it an appetizing taste which will surely energize your senses. Guests are also free to explore some restaurants nearby like the Kaffebar and Siogras in which you could most enjoy the fine dishes of Scandinavia.

Another chain of these Pensionat Oden hotels is the Pensionat Oden Vasastan which is located in the heart of Vasastan itself. Pensionat Vasastan is the smallest of the chains, but it is equally fabulous with the others. This Pensionat has a unique way of providing service, though. Since this is the smallest, it is also the simplest of all. The toilets and showers are located right at the hall and are shared by the guests. It is like a traditional hotel but with the modern touch of architecture and interiors.

Also, in Pensionat Oden Vasastan you will not find any restaurants inside its promises. The unique and exciting thing is that meals are served outside, right across the street. There were also limits set with regards to the reception hours since the numbers of guests are also limited. This is one thing which made adventure seekers or those who just like to try new things stay in the guest house.

Pensionat Oden Vasastanis is simpler and more traditional compared to the aforementioned chain. It is adorned with classic designs. The wallpapers are 19th century inspired whichave it a more elegant touch.


Budget Hotels in Central London


London is on of the most fascinating cities of this world and it is the capital of the United Kingdom and England. London is the center of entertainment, fashion, art, culture, architecture, media, education and politics; it is also one of the most expensive cities of England. London is such an enchanting place that thousands of tourist come here to gain knowledge about its glorious past and pleasant future.

So, even if you are on a budget trip to this city you need not worry, because in this article I would actually tell you about some of the best budget hotels located in and around central London.

1. Belgrave Hotel

Belgrave is a very well maintained hotel which takes full care about the visitor's comfort. It is a chic, modern hotel which provides a homely environment to the guests. It is just minutes away from the Oval underground station from where you can conveniently visit all the attractions of London. Some of the amenities of the hotel include well furnished rooms with flat screen TV's and attached bathrooms.

2. Airways Hotel

Airways hotel is one of the best among the cheap hotels in central London. The hotel provides best services at very affordable rates. The hotel is located in the city center region of Victoria near the modern Belgravia. This hotel has an enchanting 19th century building and all the famous attractions of the city are located just nearby. The rooms are equipped with a TV, cable / satellite channels, a coffee / tea maker, and complimentary toiletries.

3. Victorian Inn

Victorian Inn is located in the heart of the city and offers economical accommodations and facilities to the visitors. Here you will find 43 well furnished rooms which are very affordable. In the room you will find a color TV, hair dryer, coffee and tea maker. Complimentary continental breakfast is provided every morning and lunch and dinner is available at the restaurant located nearby. Here you can get many discount seasonal offers. Nearby to the hotel you can easily locate restaurants, theaters, shopping centers and many attractive parks.

4. Falcon Hotel

Falcon Hotel is a bed and breakfast budget hotel located in central London near Hyde Park. The rooms are very clean and comfortable and have attached bathrooms. For family vacations you can also book family rooms or family suites.

So, these are some budget hotels located in and around central London.


Denver Hotels Overview: Looking for Budget Accommodation? Luxury Hotel? Here Are Recommendations


Colorado is a beautiful state that everyone should visit at least once, and all it takes is a trip to Denver to get started. Where should you stay while you're visiting CO's capital city? What kind of accommodation is right for you? There are many wonderful Denver hotels to choose from and many of them are pretty affordable. You just need to know when there are going to be conventions in time and try to avoid visiting during those times, since hotel prices will skyrocket. The rates are also more expensive during summer months and cheapest during winter months.

Which neighborhood or district should you stay in? Popular districts include Downtown Denver, Five Points, and Cherry Creek. In the downtown area you will find inexpensive hotels like Crowne Plaza, Magnolia Hotel "A Tribute Portfolio Hotel", Hyatt Regency, Hampton Inn & Suites, and Kimpton Hotel Monaco. Around the Five Points area there are cheap hotels like Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham, Radisson Hotel Denver (Southeast), and Ramada by Wyndham Downtown.

The Cherry Creek area is a nice to place to stay if you enjoy shopping, as it is the location of the city's infamous luxury brand mall. There are plenty of boutiques, steak houses, art stores, and more. Some of the more affordable Denver hotels include Residence Inn, Holiday Inn, MOXY by Marriott, and the 601 Harrison St rentals.

Famous Denver Hotels

If price is not much of a concern and you want the luxury experience, consider one of the following:

• The Crawford Hotel

• The Ritz-Carlton

• Four Seasons

• the ART

• Hotel Teatro

• Hotel Indigo

• Hilton Garden Inn

• Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast

• Browne Palace Hotel

The great thing about these luxury hotels is that they're still less expensive than four and five star hotels in other cities.

If you're going to stay in Downtown Denver, you probably will not need a vehicle. Just take the airport shuttle to the hotel and you can get to just about anywhere you need to go by walking. Most popular locations are within a short walk of each other. If you wind up at around the pedestrian mall, there are free shuttles you can hop on.

Car rental might be necessary if you are staying outside of city limits. When searching for Denver hotels, select the "add a car rental" option and consider bundling the expenses together. No matter what kind of hotel you're looking for, it's critical that you read over a list of its amenities to ensure that it offers everything you need for a comfortable stay.

There are online promotional codes that you can use to apply to your reservation. These codes will help you save money. Not only should you use this site to help you compare rates on Denver hotels , but on airfare and vacation packages as well.


Dubai Hotels – Dubai Accommodation


Dubai -'Pearl of the Arabian Gulf ', Known to be one of the most fast growing cities in the world, Dubai has its share of tourists and visitors which is growing in number every year. The economic growth has been phenomenal here, owed to which many international hotels have set up branches here. A city which is a good blend of modernity and history has within its boundaries a multitude of star hotels.

According to statistics, an all-time record 6.5 million guests stayed in Dubai hotels in 2006 and there was a 6.9% increase in hotel rooms and apartment occupancy during the same year. Dubai scored a world record when its hotel establishments recorded the highest occupancy and revenues in the month of January 2007, leaving behind Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and London in occupancy levels.

Hotels in Dubai are muchought after, and all of them come with superb facilities and amenities. Many of the Dubai Hotels are spread across Deira and Bur Dubai. There are also a good number of hotels located in Dubai Marina, an area featuring of good tourist as well as business connections. Additionally, a plethora of superb business hotels can be found in the modern business areas of Dubai, such as Sheikh Zayed Road. However, many of the luxury luxury hotels are located in Jumeirah beach area. Some of the unique hits of majority of the Dubai hotels are authenticity, luxury, and exceptionality.

A destination spot for holiday travelers to Dubai growing in popularity is the Burj-al-Arab, the first seven-star hotel is probably the largest of all luxury hotels in Dubai. Acknowledged as the 'Tower of Arabs', consist of 28 stories, each of which is noted for their unique architecture and superb views. Further, it boasts of the tallest atrium in the world, which measures about 600 ft. The hotel's facilities, including many others, are 202 suites equipped with superb facilities, five restaurants serving stylish dining menu round the clock, four bars, and sophisticated spa facilities.

Other best hotels in Dubai are Admiral Plaza Hotel, Al Jawhara Apartments Hotel, Arabian Courtyard Bur Dubai Hotel, Hawthorn Deira Hotel, and Dubai International Hotel.

Finally it is important that you find hotels in the Dubai of that are affordable for your holiday budget. Take the time to compare the rates of several hotels and other types of lodging accommodations. Holiday apartments in and the villas in the sea cave area of ​​are two additional lodging options available to people on holiday to the Dubai. By comparing rates and services, you can ensure you get the features you need in a hotel with a price tag that you can afford.


The Differences Between a Hotel and a Hostel


Hotels and hostels are both frequented by travelers every year. They are both accommodations where people sleep when they are on holiday. However, they can both be described as vastly different from each other.

Hotels are more popular with families because people can have their own room and bathroom, and so people may feel a bit safer, with their own privacy. For this reason, hotels are a lot more expensive. Even the lowest star hotel is more expensive than a hostel.

A lot more is expected when you stay at a hotel. In your room, you will expect to have some "luxury" amenities such as hair dryers, ironing boards, a refrigerator, and some tea / coffee facilities. When you arrive at a hotel, you will be assisted by a concierge to organize trips, carry bags and even book taxis. That is why you pay more money, but for some people, they would prepare to pay less for less.

Hostels are more popular with students because they are often backpacking, and they do not mind if the room is shared with other people, as long as it is cheap. However, other people should use them too.

When you book a hostel, you should know what to expect so you are not too shocked when you arrive. Not that there is a massive reason for you to be shocked. As mentioned above, you might have to share a room with other people. This should not be looked on as a negative aspect because it gives you the opportunity to make new friends.

This is not the case with all the hostels though. In the past, hostels were designed similar to school dormitories, where people slept in bunk beds in massive rooms. Now though, hostels are designed so people have their own bedrooms but they have to share a bathroom. People have more privacy that way. The bathrooms are single bathrooms and they are not like communal bathrooms.

The thing that most people like the best about hostels is that some of them have communal kitchens. You have the use of fridges and cooking appliances, so you can save even more money by eating in the hostel and buying groceries in the local supermarket. Some hostels will have one meal or drink included in the price of the accommodation. This is usually in the form of breakfast or lunch because if you are sight seeing, you are less likely to be around in the evening, for dinner.

The point of this article is to educate people about hostels because they tend to have a bad reputation, when they are not unpleasant for any reason. Most people, when they stay in hostels, report that they were surprised by how nice they were and they would stay in one again. People are wasting their spending money when they pay for luxury hotels in busy cities, when they are only going to be there to sleep.

Keep in mind, that if you are backpacking around the world and you are short on money anyway, you can ask a hostel if you can work for them for a few days, in exchange for the accommodation. This is less frequent and not advertised. It is at the discretion of the hostel owner.

Some people have the opinion that hostels are unsafe because they are so cheap and they will let anyone in, but that is not the case. The best hostels still have security on the door and some even have safes behind the check in desk, so people can store their valuables.

It is your choice where you stay when you are traveling, but if you want to save a bit of money so that you have extra spending money for other things, then you should definitely do your research about hostels and do not right them off just because you do not know what to expect.


Top 10 Best Ways To Market Your Business With Top 10 Lists


Basic top 10 lists can do a lot to market your business online, simply because they have ideas your market seeks. When you share the top ideas, especially when you’re part of the list, you show up on searches for other parts of the list. You’re ON the list, therefore they find you too.

When I started building my business there was a guy who did nothing but write Top 10 Lists of anything he could think of. His lists directed people to his favorite top ten of whatever he wrote about, and usually those were specifically things he was interested in. I may never forget my favorite of his lists. He had one that was called Top 10 Hotdog Stands in Denver. I remember driving home one afternoon from a meeting, hungry, tired, frustrated because the meeting didn’t go particularly well, and there it was hanging over the sidewalk, a sign that said, “Custer’s Hot Dogs”. I’d never been to the place, but I love hot dogs, so I had read the article. I remembered that Custer’s was number 3 on his list, so I pulled in and parked.

That was the best Hot Dog I remember ever having. I went back to my computer, looked up his website, and started looking for the other Hot Dog Stands he recommended. WOW! Those were some amazing Hot Dogs. And, I’ve been back to several of those hot dog stands since, even though his website has been totally gone for nearly five years. If I’m in the neighborhood, I still stop at those Hot Dog Stands. That’s good marketing!

If you’re looking for a great way to market your business, I’m telling you, “Top 10 Best Lists” are the WAY to go.

Ten Top 10 Best Lists You Could Write to Market Your Business

  1. Top 10 Biggest Competitors
  2. Top 10 Newest Concepts
  3. Top 10 Easiest Ways to Accomplish a Goal
  4. Top 10 Most Scenic Places to Do
  5. Top 10 Most Functional Habits of Leaders
  6. Top 10 Most Effective Ways to Get It Done
  7. Top 10 Busiest Days of the Year
  8. Top 10 Simplest Step-By-Step Programs
  9. Top 10 Phrases to Search in Your Industry
  10. Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Your Niche

Now just change the words that come after Top 10 and add your own thoughts, then write your top ten list to market your business online. Easy, peasy, right?

I can think of a million of these, how about you?