The Differences Between a Hotel and a Hostel


Hotels and hostels are both frequented by travelers every year. They are both accommodations where people sleep when they are on holiday. However, they can both be described as vastly different from each other.

Hotels are more popular with families because people can have their own room and bathroom, and so people may feel a bit safer, with their own privacy. For this reason, hotels are a lot more expensive. Even the lowest star hotel is more expensive than a hostel.

A lot more is expected when you stay at a hotel. In your room, you will expect to have some "luxury" amenities such as hair dryers, ironing boards, a refrigerator, and some tea / coffee facilities. When you arrive at a hotel, you will be assisted by a concierge to organize trips, carry bags and even book taxis. That is why you pay more money, but for some people, they would prepare to pay less for less.

Hostels are more popular with students because they are often backpacking, and they do not mind if the room is shared with other people, as long as it is cheap. However, other people should use them too.

When you book a hostel, you should know what to expect so you are not too shocked when you arrive. Not that there is a massive reason for you to be shocked. As mentioned above, you might have to share a room with other people. This should not be looked on as a negative aspect because it gives you the opportunity to make new friends.

This is not the case with all the hostels though. In the past, hostels were designed similar to school dormitories, where people slept in bunk beds in massive rooms. Now though, hostels are designed so people have their own bedrooms but they have to share a bathroom. People have more privacy that way. The bathrooms are single bathrooms and they are not like communal bathrooms.

The thing that most people like the best about hostels is that some of them have communal kitchens. You have the use of fridges and cooking appliances, so you can save even more money by eating in the hostel and buying groceries in the local supermarket. Some hostels will have one meal or drink included in the price of the accommodation. This is usually in the form of breakfast or lunch because if you are sight seeing, you are less likely to be around in the evening, for dinner.

The point of this article is to educate people about hostels because they tend to have a bad reputation, when they are not unpleasant for any reason. Most people, when they stay in hostels, report that they were surprised by how nice they were and they would stay in one again. People are wasting their spending money when they pay for luxury hotels in busy cities, when they are only going to be there to sleep.

Keep in mind, that if you are backpacking around the world and you are short on money anyway, you can ask a hostel if you can work for them for a few days, in exchange for the accommodation. This is less frequent and not advertised. It is at the discretion of the hostel owner.

Some people have the opinion that hostels are unsafe because they are so cheap and they will let anyone in, but that is not the case. The best hostels still have security on the door and some even have safes behind the check in desk, so people can store their valuables.

It is your choice where you stay when you are traveling, but if you want to save a bit of money so that you have extra spending money for other things, then you should definitely do your research about hostels and do not right them off just because you do not know what to expect.


Top 10 Best Ways To Market Your Business With Top 10 Lists


Basic top 10 lists can do a lot to market your business online, simply because they have ideas your market seeks. When you share the top ideas, especially when you’re part of the list, you show up on searches for other parts of the list. You’re ON the list, therefore they find you too.

When I started building my business there was a guy who did nothing but write Top 10 Lists of anything he could think of. His lists directed people to his favorite top ten of whatever he wrote about, and usually those were specifically things he was interested in. I may never forget my favorite of his lists. He had one that was called Top 10 Hotdog Stands in Denver. I remember driving home one afternoon from a meeting, hungry, tired, frustrated because the meeting didn’t go particularly well, and there it was hanging over the sidewalk, a sign that said, “Custer’s Hot Dogs”. I’d never been to the place, but I love hot dogs, so I had read the article. I remembered that Custer’s was number 3 on his list, so I pulled in and parked.

That was the best Hot Dog I remember ever having. I went back to my computer, looked up his website, and started looking for the other Hot Dog Stands he recommended. WOW! Those were some amazing Hot Dogs. And, I’ve been back to several of those hot dog stands since, even though his website has been totally gone for nearly five years. If I’m in the neighborhood, I still stop at those Hot Dog Stands. That’s good marketing!

If you’re looking for a great way to market your business, I’m telling you, “Top 10 Best Lists” are the WAY to go.

Ten Top 10 Best Lists You Could Write to Market Your Business

  1. Top 10 Biggest Competitors
  2. Top 10 Newest Concepts
  3. Top 10 Easiest Ways to Accomplish a Goal
  4. Top 10 Most Scenic Places to Do
  5. Top 10 Most Functional Habits of Leaders
  6. Top 10 Most Effective Ways to Get It Done
  7. Top 10 Busiest Days of the Year
  8. Top 10 Simplest Step-By-Step Programs
  9. Top 10 Phrases to Search in Your Industry
  10. Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Your Niche

Now just change the words that come after Top 10 and add your own thoughts, then write your top ten list to market your business online. Easy, peasy, right?

I can think of a million of these, how about you?


Dressing for Denver Climate


Denver has more than 300 days of sunny days a year. Not true to popular belief, Denver is not a place with a lot of snow. Even when it snows, it melts quickly. The mountain heights are warm during the day, but do not forget to keep some sweaters to keep you warm after the sun disappears in the western horizon.

Denver has four distinct seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

It goes without saying that the climate in the plains is greatly influenced by the Rocky Mountains that you can find towards the west. The climate is not stable during any season. It snows in winter, the moment you least expect it. Luckily it also disappears quickly. At times you can enjoy warm sunlight. At the same time, you will find it increasingly difficult to get away without a medium-weight sweater. Warmth and cold at the same time -that is the peculiarity of Denver weather.

Visiting Denver during Spring

Take some reasonably weight, comfortable jacket with you while you plan to visit Denver in spring. You can find days to be sunny, but evenings are chilling. Do not forget your tie if you are to attend some business meetings or to dine at a cozy formal restaurant.

Summer in Denver

Take a sunglass with you, whenever you visit Denver, especially during summer. You also must be prudent enough to not forget your jacket when you plan to be out after evening. You can not say for sure when a comfortable sweater comes as a handy help to keep the cold out. Adventurers please note – keep long pants and full-sleeve warm jackets handy as there are chances of sudden rise of summer storms.


Fall in Denver is characterized by warm days and cool afternoons and evenings. Take different layers of clothing with you if you plan to visit Rocky Mountains, where you may be greeted with some unexpected climatic conditions.

Winter in Denver

There is a reputation that Denver is full of snow. However, you can find here temperature 60 degrees and above. Also, keep in mind that the temperature can also stoop to below freezing level. Expect chilling temperature in the mountains. Do not go without a pair of reliable boots. You will see snow falling. It also disappears at the same pace as it snowed.

You can enjoy golf in winter too. Skiing, tennis, etc are also the activities you can enjoy at select locations.


Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Rod Smith Did Something No One Else Has Ever Done


The Denver Broncos have had a number of great players over the years. John Elway is easily one of the best players the league has ever seen. The team has had a number of great running backs including Floyd Little, Clinton Portis, Terrell Davis, Sammy winder, Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell, Bobby Humphrey, and Otis Armstrong. When it comes to wide receivers though, one stands out above the rest, Rod Smith.

Rod Smith played 14 seasons with the Broncos and made the Pro Bowl three times. Having been exceptional at Missouri Southern State, he would end up being inducted into both the Division II Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame. By the time of his retirement, he would have gone on to accomplish a number of things that no one else had ever done.

After Smith graduated from college he was not drafted by any team in the NFL and ended up signing with the Denver Broncos as a free agent. He is the only player ever to surpass 10,000 receiving yards after not being drafted. He also has more catches (849), more receiving yards (11,389), and more touchdown receptions (68), than any other undrafted wide receiver in NFL history.

Rod Smith was a great wide receiver, the best the Denver Broncos ever had. He confounded the experts by excelling first at a small college after being passed over by the major universities out there. He then got passed over multiple times by every team in the NFL before signing as a free agent with the Broncos. Then during his 12 year career, he proved them all wrong and showed he was one of the true great wide receivers the league has ever seen.


Denver Attractions – Denver Zoo


The Denver Zoo is an extremely popular attraction for both the residents and for the visitors of Denver, Colorado. There is almost no better way to spend a sunny day in Denver than by going to the zoo. Keep reading this article to learn what makes the Denver Zoo such a popular attraction and to learn why you should go for a visit.

The Denver Zoo is home to over 4000 animals and over 750 different species of animals. It is home to many rare and endangered animals such as the Komodo Dragon, the Western Lowland Gorilla and endangered cheetahs. The animals are separated in different exhibits which successfully attempt to recreate their natural environment. For example, there is the Predator Ridge exhibit which attempts to recreate the African savannah. There you will find such African predators as lions, and hyenas in a realistic environment. Another exhibit at the zoo is the Bear Mountain. This exhibit is notorious for its use of simulated rockwork made from concrete.

Built in 1918 it was the first such type of exhibit in any zoo in the United States. That's not the only first at the Denver Zoo though. The zoo is also home to the country's first natural gas powered train which you can ride on for a ticket price of only $ 1. This really just scratches the surface of what is available at the Denver Zoo. There is much more more waiting for you when you go for a visit and I am sure you will not regret your decision to go.

If you would like to visit the Denver Zoo you can find it at 2300 Steele Street in Denver, Colorado. Before you visit you should get current hours, check on special events and get current ticket prices by calling the information line at 303-376-4800.