Dressing for Denver Climate


Denver has more than 300 days of sunny days a year. Not true to popular belief, Denver is not a place with a lot of snow. Even when it snows, it melts quickly. The mountain heights are warm during the day, but do not forget to keep some sweaters to keep you warm after the sun disappears in the western horizon.

Denver has four distinct seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

It goes without saying that the climate in the plains is greatly influenced by the Rocky Mountains that you can find towards the west. The climate is not stable during any season. It snows in winter, the moment you least expect it. Luckily it also disappears quickly. At times you can enjoy warm sunlight. At the same time, you will find it increasingly difficult to get away without a medium-weight sweater. Warmth and cold at the same time -that is the peculiarity of Denver weather.

Visiting Denver during Spring

Take some reasonably weight, comfortable jacket with you while you plan to visit Denver in spring. You can find days to be sunny, but evenings are chilling. Do not forget your tie if you are to attend some business meetings or to dine at a cozy formal restaurant.

Summer in Denver

Take a sunglass with you, whenever you visit Denver, especially during summer. You also must be prudent enough to not forget your jacket when you plan to be out after evening. You can not say for sure when a comfortable sweater comes as a handy help to keep the cold out. Adventurers please note – keep long pants and full-sleeve warm jackets handy as there are chances of sudden rise of summer storms.


Fall in Denver is characterized by warm days and cool afternoons and evenings. Take different layers of clothing with you if you plan to visit Rocky Mountains, where you may be greeted with some unexpected climatic conditions.

Winter in Denver

There is a reputation that Denver is full of snow. However, you can find here temperature 60 degrees and above. Also, keep in mind that the temperature can also stoop to below freezing level. Expect chilling temperature in the mountains. Do not go without a pair of reliable boots. You will see snow falling. It also disappears at the same pace as it snowed.

You can enjoy golf in winter too. Skiing, tennis, etc are also the activities you can enjoy at select locations.