Pensionat Oden – Stockholm, Sweden


Pensionat Oden Hotels, in central Stockholm is a fine example of economy and luxury rolled into one. The hotel was constructed in 1943 right in the heart of Sweden's beautiful city of Stockholm.

Unlike other five-star and huge hotels, Pensionat Oden Hotel just cater to a small number of guests. It has about twenty-five comfortable and elegant rooms which are equipped with cozy kitchen, cable television, internet access, and refrigerator. It is like a home away from home. In fact, it will just feel like staying in your friends or relative's house as the atmosphere is really homey. You will relish the simple pleasures of life. You will feel the ambience of a superb hotel in one of the peaceful neighborhoods in Stockholm.

Pensionat Oden Södermalm is one of the chains of Pensionat Oden Hotels. You will find it right in Hornsgatan, Söder right in a friendly neighborhood. It is accessible to the Vitabergen and Humle Garden, a few hours' drive to the Stockholm City Hall and the Royal Palace, as well as to the Kronobergsparken, Skansen Zoo. For those who wants to take a view of some fine architecture, there are the Vasa Museum and Stockholm Cathedral where you could have your eyes on.

You will certainly feel amazed of the classic elegance in such a nice vacation and relaxation haven. The staffs are very friendly, and are always there to provide you with their services whenever you need them, 24/7. You will not feel like you are in a city. It would feel like staying in a beautiful country house but in the heart of the city.

The guests in Pensionat Oden Södermalm could always relish the palatable dishes served every meal. The food is absolutely delicious with all its ingredients blended well to provide it an appetizing taste which will surely energize your senses. Guests are also free to explore some restaurants nearby like the Kaffebar and Siogras in which you could most enjoy the fine dishes of Scandinavia.

Another chain of these Pensionat Oden hotels is the Pensionat Oden Vasastan which is located in the heart of Vasastan itself. Pensionat Vasastan is the smallest of the chains, but it is equally fabulous with the others. This Pensionat has a unique way of providing service, though. Since this is the smallest, it is also the simplest of all. The toilets and showers are located right at the hall and are shared by the guests. It is like a traditional hotel but with the modern touch of architecture and interiors.

Also, in Pensionat Oden Vasastan you will not find any restaurants inside its promises. The unique and exciting thing is that meals are served outside, right across the street. There were also limits set with regards to the reception hours since the numbers of guests are also limited. This is one thing which made adventure seekers or those who just like to try new things stay in the guest house.

Pensionat Oden Vasastanis is simpler and more traditional compared to the aforementioned chain. It is adorned with classic designs. The wallpapers are 19th century inspired whichave it a more elegant touch.